This is Mahara, a fully featured electronic portfolio, resume builder and social networking system, connecting people and creating online communities. Mahara provides you with the tools to set up a personal learning environment to support your work and development at the University of Lincoln.

What is an ePortfolio?

Your ePortfolio is a collection of information and digital objects that demonstrate your learning development, skills and competencies.  Like you, your ePortfolio is unique and reflects your interests based around the structure of your learning and development at the University of Lincoln.

ePortfolios can be produced using different types of tools but Mahara is a specialist ePortfolio application that provides a level of structure based around your learning which you can customise to present to different people in specific contexts, such as your friends, tutors and potential employers.

Mahara allows you to share specific parts or views of your portfolio online and receive feedback and dialogue. It integrates with other Web 2.0 software and when you graduate from the University, you can take your portfolio with you to import into other software or as a stand-alone website.

-- Adapted from Cotterill SJ. What is an ePortfolio? ePortfolios 2007, Maastricht .

For more information you can read About Mahara or alternatively please feel free to Contact Us.

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